Allow access to Outlook when sending email

Users may receive a message stating:

A program is trying to access email address information stored in Outlook. If this is unexpected, click Deny and verify your antivirus software is up-to-date. [Allow] [Deny]

The prompt is actually returned by Outlook. Be advised, this isn’t the easiest issue to resolve, but you may be able to work around the prompt by following the instructions below. You can follow the directions given by Microsoft for Configuring Outlook Security Features to Help Prevent Viruses. Here is the link:


I get warnings about a program accessing e-mail address information or sending e-mail on my behalf

Read through the article called “Configuring Outlook Security Features to Help Prevent Viruses”. Follow the directions contained herein, then go to the next chapter in the list to the left, which is called “Installing the Outlook Trusted Code Control”.

Go thru them all until you get your default security settings set up. Once you have completed this you need to click on the “Programmatic Settings” tab and check “Automatically approve” for “When sending items via Simple MAPI:” and “When resolving names via Simple MAPI:”.

Once you get these setting set Outlook will no longer prompt you when you send e-mail thru ACCTivate. Your System Administrator will, most likely, need to be involved in many of these steps.

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