Add a new Customer

A customer can be added through the Customer Information window or the Sales Order window (if the user has proper permissions set).

Adding New Customers in the Customer Information window:

  1. Select Customer > Customer Information to open the Customer window.
  2. Click the Add New Customer button in the window.
  3. In the Customer and Ship To tabs enter all necessary information for the new customer you are adding. If necessary, add contacts in the Contacts tab
  4. Click the Save button.
  5. The customer has now been saved into the system.

Adding New Customers from a new sales order:

A user can only add a new customer from a sales order if they have permission in Configuration Management > User > User Information.

  1. Select Sales > Sales Order to open the Sales Order window.
  2. Click the Add new order button from the toolbar.
  3. In the Cust Name field enter the name of the new customer.
  4. Press the Tab key or click anywhere in the window and a prompt will appear asking if you would like to add a new customer. Click the Yes button to do so.
  5. Another prompt will appear. The customer name you entered in step 2 will appear in the provided field. Keep this one or enter a different customer ID.Click the OK button.
  6. Enter the order as usual and then click the Save button.
  7. This new customer is now saved to the system with a customer record in the Customer Information window. Information entered in the sales order such as bill to address, ship to address, contact information, etc. will be in the customer record.
  8. Select Customer > Customer Information to open the Customer Information window and enter any information not supplied from the sales order.
  9. Click the Save button



Posted in Customer - Last modified on May 21, 2019
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