Shipping Workstation Interface

Shipping Workstation Interface overview

Setting up your shipping software to Acctivate is a simple concept with only a couple of elements. If you have been registered for the Acctivate Shipping Workstation Interface module, you need to create a database source name on your shipping workstation and then configure your shipping software to work with Acctivate. That’s it.

What does the configuration of my shipping workstation software do?

A one-time configuration of your shipping workstation software (i.e. UPS WorldShip/FedEx) will in essence “map” or “connect” the information from your shipping software to the Acctivate database. This mapping process is the key that makes information available between your shipping software and Acctivate.

How does it work?

Once your shipping software has been mapped to the Acctivate database, specific data elements between Acctivate and the shipping software are “connected” together. This includes order numbers, customer names, shipping addresses and more.

Because this information is now available in your shipping software, when you pull-up an order number all of the mapped information will be available for you automatically in your shipping software (import). This will include the customer name and shipping address exactly as it is in the sales order. This reduces the need for your shipping personnel to reenter this information, thus eliminating mistakes from incorrectly entering a customer name, address, suite number or zip code.

Once the order has been completed, shipping information is then automatically passed back into Acctivate (export). This includes the number of packages that were shipped, the weight and cost of the shipment and the tracking numbers for the shipment. Completed orders can have these tracking numbers instantly tracked from the invoice inside Acctivate. There is no need to type in those long tracking numbers again.

How long will this entire process take?

The average UPS shipping workstation can be configured to work with Acctivate in about 30 minutes. You will need to be logged into the workstation that handles your shipping, and this workstation must have access to your server. You must be logged in as a user with Administrative privileges.

It is strongly recommended that a MCSE or other network professional or that UPS representatives perform this connection procedure.

What steps must be taken?

First, you must set up a data source. This is done in the Microsoft Control Panel of your shipping workstation. Next, you need to connect your UPS shipping software to this new data source. The configuration for this is done inside of your shipping workstation software. Step-by-step directions are given for the UPS system.

Special note

Due to the fact that this interface connects and modifies your live shipping software, this procedure should only be used to connect to your “live” Acctivate database. If you need to test the process using your practice database you can update the ODBC connection later to point to the live database. Refer here for steps to update the ODBC connection.

Additional Assistance

At this time, UPS or FedEx will send someone out to your location to assist with the mapping of UPS WorldShip/Fed-Ex Shipping Workstation to Acctivate. You might consider taking advantage of this service they provide. Contact your UPS/FedEx representatives for more information.


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