Add materials to a Service Billing Activity

The Service Billing feature is a plug-in extension to the Business Activity Management module and it allows users to track and bill for time and materials on service calls that are tracked in Acctivate.

Begin by opening the service activity:

  1. Open the existing service activity in the Business Activity module (or create a new one by clicking the Create New Activity button).
  2. Click the Edit button.
  3. In Related Items near the bottom of the Business Activity window, click the Add button.
  4. Select Add Customer from the menu, that opens.
  5. From the Find Customer window, select the customer you will charge for materials.
    You must select a customer in order to be able to turn the Service Billing Activity into a service order from the Business Activity window (which is a final step, discussed near the end of this document).
  6. Click the Add Material button, or click “CTRL-M”. The system will automatically add a new entry row for you.
  7. You may change the amount of lines that the entry rows display in the drop-down defaulted at 1 Line. 1, 2 or 3 lines are available.
  8. Please note the different information fields that either display or accept data from you. These field names are designed to be self explanatory, but each field will be discussed in this document.

Add Material

Next, start to fill out the information

  1. Select (or enter) the product ID that you want to enter into this service activity.
  2. From the WH field, select the warehouse to take inventory out of.
  3. In the QtyOrdered field, enter the quantity of this product that were used (or need to be billed to) this activity.
  4. If necessary, choose the unit of measure in the Unit field.
  5. Use the Reference field to store information about this item.
  6. If necessary, select a Price Code ( PrCd) and a Price Unit (Pr unit).
  7. The price will show up in the Price field based on the price code, or you can manually override the price and enter the it manually.
  8. You can also set a line item discount percentage to discount the price on this line in the Disc % field.
  9. The total amount for labor will be displayed in the Amount field.

Line 2 (if selected)

  1. The next (second) line shows the description of the item as stored in the Product Information window.
  2. The Special Instructions field is a note field that will show up on the invoice. You can click and type in this box or click the box that is flushed to the right inside of this field to open up a fill text box.

Line 3 (if selected)

  1. Finally, the last (third) line on the row, which only contains the Note field, is used for an internal private note. Type anything that you want in this line to help you keep track of this materials charge.

Turn the service billing activity into a service order:

An individual service billing activity can be turned into a service order directly from the Business Activity window, but if you want to turn a group of service billing activities into service orders use the Activity Billing Wizard.

  1. From the Business Activity toolbar click the Create new related transaction… button and select Service Order from the drop-down menu.
  2. When the new service order opens, the customer’s information will already populate the Header tab fields and the materials that were added will populate the Detail tab.
  3. Enter all other necessary information and review it, before invoicing.
  4. Click the Create Invoice button to release the service order and invoice for materials used.
  5. The Release Order window will open. From the provided checkboxes choose to print, preview, and/or email the invoice.
  6. Click the Release button to complete the service order and actually release it for invoicing.
Posted in Business Activity - Last modified on February 21, 2019Bonnie Emrick
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