Customer Information Window – Ship To

The Ship To tab is where you will manage multiple ship-to locations, as well as the Tax Category and any mapping information. It is also where you manage the EDI information if you use EDI.

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The Location ID is how you will manage your multiple shipping addresses for each customer. Each address will have it’s own Location ID, many Acctivate users use the Store Number as the Location ID. You can name this field however you see fit.  Each location will have it’s own Attention addressee as well as Tax Category, Routing information, Ship Via, FOB, etc. To set the default ship to location ID, follow the instructions listed here.

Click here to learn how to import multiple Customer Ship-To’s.

The Tax Category  can be set for this location based on pre-configured types set in the configuration manager. Tax Categories are set up and maintained in QuickBooks. This section displays the taxing jurisdictions which have been defined in QuickBooks. Only the Shipping Exempt option can be defined in the Tax Category section under Customers in Configuration Management.

Map Ref : notes on map references for this location.

Distance: Notes on setting the distance away for this location

Route: The route associated with the customer ship-to location as defined in the configuration manager.

Stop: The stop number on the specific route selected in the above drop-down.

Routing Inst: Routing instructions.

Ship Via: Set the shipping method form pre-configured types set in the configuration manager.

FOB: Set information (from configuration) regarding “Free on Board” location, which is the point at which the customer takes ownership of the product.

Job Number: Set default job number status here.


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