Inventory Assembly Window

Inventory Assemblies

Allows you to receive a product that is assembled from components in your inventory. Assemblies must be received into stock before they can be available for sale.


For custom/process manufacturing, this window allows for component quantities to be changed; components to be added, removed or replaced; one or more lots of a given component to be used; and the overall yield quantity of the product produced to be recorded. This is only available if the bill of material for the product is either Assembly (Custom) or Assembly (Process). Also only components marked as variable (in the Product Information window > Components tab) can be adjusted in this window.


Utilizing the components listed on the Components tab of the Product Information window, it calculates the components required to make a specified quantity of the finished product. When you post the assembly, your component quantity on hand is reduced and quantity of the finished product is increased accordingly.

Top Field Descriptions

Session: Provides a drop-down arrow that displays existing sessions and information about the sessions.

Batch: The session number.

Date Opened: The date the session was opened.

Opened By: The user who opened the session.

Date: This is the transaction date that will be used for this session. It is important to note that this is not necessarily the current date, but rather it is the date that you want to be recorded that the inventory was added to the warehouse. For instance, if a truck delivered product to your warehouse on Friday the 11th and the paperwork wasn’t entered into the system until Monday the 14th, changing this date back to the 11th will allow you to show the inventory as having arrived on the 11th instead of the date that it was actually entered into the system.

Workflow Status

The current workflow status of the unposted assembly transaction (i.e. Entered, Scheduled, In Progress or any others defined in Configuration Manager > Inventory > Assembly Work Order Workflow Status) that can be changed from the Inventory > Change Assembly Work Order Workflow Status window or using the Mobile Assemblies module from a mobile device .

Main Body

The only items that will appear in the main body are those that are components of the assembly product. It is important to correctly identify the warehouse that products are recorded in at all times.

If the assembly has a bill of material of Assembly (Custom) or Assembly (Process), components that have been marked as variable (in the Product Information window > Components tab) can be added, removed or replaced and component quantities can be adjusted.

Product ID: The ID of the component product.

W/H: The warehouse where the product will be removed from inventory.

Description: The description of the product.

Lot/Serial #: The lot and/or serial number used to identify the product, if applicable. For components that are variable and lot numbered, multiple lots can be selected for the same component (each component that will have a different lot, but is the same product must be entered on its own data grid line).

Unit Qty: The quantity needed of the product to create one assembly. This number is set for each component product in Product Information > Components Tab. For variable components only, this quantity can be adjusted.

Total Qty: The total number of that product needed to create the assembly, which is based on the assembly quantity (previously selected in the top field). For variable components only, this quantity can be adjusted.

Unit: The unit of measure for the unit quantity.

Location: If the component product is stocked in one or more warehouse locations this drop-down allows a location to be selected.


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