Default Shipping Product ID

Acctivate allows users to assign a default product for shipping charges. This is the product used on the Release Invoice window for Sales Orders. In order to assign this ID as the default, you will first need to create a Product ID for shipping charges. The Item Type on the product needs to be Shipping to be able to use it as the default. Below is an example of which fields to select when setting up the product:

ship product
After creating the product, users can then assign it as the default product for shipping charges. This can be done by going to File > Configuration Management > Sales Orders > Order Options. On the Sales Order Options screen, click Edit,then choose the Shipping Product ID set up in the previous step. This menu only shows items with the Item Type of Shipping.
ship product 2

Without this assigned in Configuration Management, you may see a message like the one below:

Invoice not released

Order A1517T cannot invoice pending shipping charges, default shipping charge product is either missing or invalid.

Posted in Sales - Last modified on March 22, 2019
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