“The page size was not large enough” for reports

The Crystal Reports (Design) software saves the Page Size, Printer Options and Margins within each Crystal Report (RPT) file.

Most reports are designed for the Letter (or A4) Page Size, which works very well with most printers.  However, some reports may be designed for a label printer or alternative Page Size that’s not available on all printers.  The following error may occur when generating a report in Acctivate when the paper size of the printer is insufficient for the page size in the Crystal Report file.


The above message may appear for a variety of

Height and “Keep Object Together” option

The most likely cause of this error is that a single field or object on the report exceeds the height of the page size.

  1. Open the report file (RPT) in the Crystal Reports (Design) software
  2. Review the (potential) height of each text/field object.  Keep in mind that some options “Can Grow”
  3. Be sure the Keep Object Together option is NOT checked for objects that can grow.
    1. Right-click on any suspect field or subreport object and choose Format Field… or Format Subreport…
    2. Un-check the Keep Object Together box on the Common tab and click OK
  4. Try to split large text and database field objects into multiple, shorter objects
  5. Consider splitting large barcodes, charts or graphs into multiple, smaller objects
  6. Use the vertical ruler to ensure that the page height will not be exceeded
  7. Save and Close the file in Crystal Reports


“No Printer” option

A conflict between the original printer options saved in the report file and the current printer may cause this error

  1. Open the report file (RPT) in the Crystal Reports (Design) software
  2. Chose Page Setup… from the File menu
  3. Check the No Printer (optimize for screen display) box then click OK
  4. Save and Close the file in Crystal Reports


“Disassociate Formatting Page Size and Printer Paper Size” option

The Page Size and Margins saved in the report file may conflict with the current printer settings

  1. Open the report file (RPT) in the Crystal Reports (Design) software
  2. Chose Page Setup… from the File menu
  3. Check the Disassociate Formatting Page Size and Printer Paper Size box
  4. Review the Unit, Horizontal and Vertical (Paper Size), Orientation
  5. Review the Margins to ensure they are supported by your printer.  Be sure that the Adjust Automatically option is not checked.
  6. Save and Close the file in Crystal Reports


Posted in Reports - Last modified on September 9, 2015
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