Setup SmartVault with Acctivate

The SmartVault integration offers online document storage and sharing, directly in the Acctivate software.  Please read more about the SmartVault service before beginning this setup process.

Note: The following process assumes that both QuickBooks and Acctivate are installed and registered on your computer.  Please contact our support team if you are attempting to set up SmartVault without QuickBooks.

  1. Install SmartVault for Desktop by following these instructions.
  2. Once you have installed SmartVault, you will need to integrate SmartVault with QuickBooks.
  3. Open Acctivate and run a sync after integrating SmartVault with QuickBooks.
  4. Open Configuration Manager open Company Info and click the Connect SmartVault button.  ConnectSmartVault
  5. Open the Customer window in Acctivate and browse to and open any customer.
  6. Click on the paperclip icon at the top of the customer window.
  7. Acctivate will find the SmartVault integration at this time.  The integration is complete at this time and you can now attach, view and download attachments in your SmartVault Vault.SmartVault_Attachment
Posted in Add-On Modules, Configuration - Last modified on July 26, 2016
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