Using multiple Component Lot Numbers during Assembly Transaction

When creating Assemblies with lot numbered components you may experience a scenario in which the individual lot quantities are not sufficient enough to fully satisfy the required assembly quantity.

Since Acctivate only allows the use of one Lot Number per Lot Numbered component you must use the Split Transaction function to fulfill the entire assembly session.

For example:

I have item ‘Assembly Item’ which contains my lot controlled Component ‘Lot Numbered’.  The Component has two lot numbers 12345 and 12346 with quantities 20 and 30 respectively.



When I create an Assembly Transaction(Session 63) for ‘Assembly Item’ I enter in quantity 50.  Individually the Lot Numbers cannot fully fulfill the assembly quantity.


I will then select the ‘Split Transaction’ button which will allow me to identify the quantity remaining that needs to be split into a new transaction.


In this case, I will enter in 30 and the system will auto-create a new Assembly Transaction(Session 64) with the quantity of 30.


Posted in Inventory - Last modified on September 9, 2015
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