Mobile Inventory Count module

Mobile Inventory Count is a module that is included with the Inventory Management module which allows you to view, and edit Inventory Counts created in the Acctivate system.

Using the Mobile Count module:

Prior to continuing please review how to prepare a Count session if you have not already.

Once your Count is prepared and ready to be modified continue to the steps below

  1. Log into Acctivate on your mobile device. Enter your login information (i.e. Company, User ID, Password) and then click the OK button (green checkmark icon).
  2. Once on the ‘Main’ window select the Inventory option
  3. Following the above selection you should see the option Inventory Count select this and continue by using the right facing arrow
  4. On this window you should be prompted to Select a Sheet (Ordered by Session ID), and a drop down to Select a Section (if applicable), the Warehouse being Counted will be displayed
    1. If multiple users attempt to access the same count at the same time they will be greeted by the following message: “Count 12345 (Section 1) was opened by [InProgressUser] on [InProgressDate] and may still be open. Please only edit one Inventory Count Section at a time. Continue? [Yes][No]”
  5. Once you select the above options you will be able to begin entering in your Product quantities
    1. If you use the Multilocation module you will be able to search by selecting the search icon next to the Loc title at the top of the window
    2. If you track your Inventoried items by Lot or Serial numbers the option to select a specific Lot/Serial number will become available once the item is selected
  6. Once all Count quantities have been entered and/or completed you have the option to Save by selecting the Green checkmark at the top left
    1. If you are completing the count you will also have the option to ‘Set all uncounted Count lines to 0′ without manually setting them to 0
    2. If you are not ready to commit the changes made you can select the Red X at the top right to move back to the Count session selection window
  7. The next window should display the message ‘Inventory count saved‘ or the Inventory Count session selection screen if elected not to Save


Posted in Inventory, Mobile - Last modified on June 13, 2019
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