Recommended Devices for Acctivate Mobile WMS

Acctivate Mobile WMS was developed for rugged handheld computers running Windows Mobile.  There are a variety of devices available from numerous manufacturers, but we have focused our development and testing on devices from the following leading manufacturers:


Acctivate Mobile WMS can be installed on most of the “Professional” series from these manufacturers, running Windows Mobile® 6.5 Professional.  Be sure to also read through our system requirements before purchasing any equipment.

Texas Barcode Systems


We have partnered with Texas Barcode Systems (TBS) to provide setup and support for mobile devices.

TBS is a leading provider of mobile devices, printers, and network equipment for small-to-medium sized companies looking for advanced warehouse automation.

We strongly recommend that you contact TBS to ensure a successful implementation of Acctivate Mobile WMS.  We have worked with them for 10 years and they have implemented Acctivate Mobile for hundreds of our mutual clients.

Please call Texas Barcode Systems at (972) 267-7900 to discuss your needs with their team or you can read more at

Barcode Arena

 Another great option for purchasing certified devices for Acctivate Mobile WMS is Barcode Arena.  They are a supplier of new and refurbished Zebra/Symbol devices that have been tested and delivered to numerous Acctivate clients.  Their devices are priced very aggressively and you can purchase them online and have them shipped very quickly to your office location.  You can view and purchase Acctivate certified devices here.

Supported Barcode Scanners

It is important to purchase a Windows Mobile device that has a supported barcode scanner.  It may be possible to use the “keyboard wedge” mode on a device from another manufacturer, but it is a sub-standard experience.  For example, it will only allow you to scan a barcode when the cursor is placed into a text input field where the on-screen keyboard would be displayed.  Acctivate Mobile WMS communicates directly with the barcode scanner on devices from the above manufacturers.  This allows us to capture and process barcode scans regardless of where the cursor is located.  For example, we can tell when a new product UPC barcode is scanned, even if your cursor is on the lot or serial number entry field.

Recommended Devices

The following devices are recommended for Acctivate Mobile WMS.  These devices offer the best experience.

  • Intermec (Honeywell) CK3X
  • Symbol (Zebra) MC55A

Supported Devices

The following devices have been tested by our team or received good feedback from customers.  These devices may be older and slower, so they are no longer recommended.

  • Intermec CK3 series
  • Intermec CN3 series
  • Janam XG100
  • Janam XG105
  • Socket SoMo 650 HS
  • Symbol MC9xxx series
  • Symbol MC70
  • Symbol MC55A
  • Symbol MC65A
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