Use Acctivate in a Sandbox Environment

Acctivate can be installed and set up in a test environment, which may also be referred to as a Sandbox environment.  In order to use Acctivate in a Sandbox environment, you will need to register Acctivate using a Sandbox license.  Please contact your Sales Rep to further discuss how this Sandbox license can be acquired.

Once you are ready to move forward with the installation and testing of Acctivate in a Sandbox environment, you can follow the steps, below, to accomplish this.

  1. Install Acctivate on your test server/computer.  You can download the full installation of Acctivate in the Downloads and Updates section on our Support Site.
  2. Once Acctivate is installed, you will be prompted to register Acctivate by entering in your Acctivate ID and Password.  You will need to enter in the Sandbox Acctivate ID and Password given to you by your Sales or Support Rep.   Do not register Acctivate using your live Acctivate ID and Password as this will remove the registration of Acctivate of your live environment!
  3. Create the Backup of your Live Company on your live server.
    1. Open Database Maintenance -> Database -> Backup/Restore
    2. Select in the Company dropdown the Company you want to backup (your Live Company).
    3. Click Start Backup at the bottom right hand corner.  Make a note of the name of the Backup File, which will be used in step 2
  4. Once the Backup is complete, copy the backup file to your test server environment.  You will need to save the backup file in the SQL Server backup location.  By default, this is located in C:\%Program Files%\ACCTivate\Database\MSSQL10_50.ACCTIVATE\MSSQL\Backup.  However, if you manually install Microsoft SQL Server, the backup location will most likely be in a different directory.
  5. On your Test server, open Acctivate Database Maintenance by going to Start -> Programs -> Acctivate -> Acctivate Database Maintenance
  6. Browse to Database -> Database Info
  7. Select to create a new company.
    1. Enter in a Company ID and Name
    2. You can save the Database Information window without setting a QuickBooks Data file.NewCompany
  8. Close and reopen Acctivate Database Maintenance
  9. Browse to Database -> Backup / Restore
  10. Restore your backup data to the newly created Company.
  11. Once you have restored your company data, you can then log into Acctivate
Posted in Installation - Last modified on September 9, 2015Cassandra Creasy
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