Create a New Product

When creating a new product in Acctivate, you’ll notice there are highlighted fields after pressing the New button on the product window. These are the required fields for a new product. The user will need to specify each of the required fields listed below (linked fields are selected from a list of preset values):

There are two ways to create a new product in your Acctivate database:

  1. Import a list of new items from a spreadsheet
  2. Create a new item manually on the Product window

When using the first option, the spreadsheet will need to include all of the required information for a new product in a separate column. The full list of available fields for import is found here.

Import new product

Other times, users choose to create items manually. When doing so, they will need to utilize the following steps:

  1. Go to Inventory > Product Information or click the Product button on the icon bar
  2. Click the New button on the Product window
    new product
  3. Type the Product ID of the new item
  4. Add the Description
  5. Select the Item Type
  6. Choose a Product Type
  7. Choose a Product Class
  8. Based on your Inventory Options in Configuration Manager, the following may fill in automatically, but can be overridden to meet your needs:
    • Stocking Unit
    • Control Type
    • Cost Method
    • Tax Code
  9. Click Add Warehouse to specify which warehouse(s) should be assigned to this product
  10. Feel free to fill in any of the other fields available that pertain to your needs, but aren’t required
  11. Click Save to add the product to your database. You may need to click Refresh on the product look up window to see the new item, if you’re searching for it immediately after saving.
Posted in Inventory - Last modified on March 13, 2019
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