Sales Order Tax Category Defaults

When creating a Sales Order in Acctivate, a Tax Category is required in order for Acctivate to calculate the Sales Tax.  Acctivate uses a simple formula in order to select the proper Tax Category on the Sales Order.


  1. Acctivate will try to pull the Tax Category from the Customer -> ShipTo tab for the Customer and ShipTo selected on the Sales Order.  
  2. If the Tax Category on the related Customer -> ShipTo isn’t set, Acctivate will then select the default Customer Ship To Tax Category from Configuration Manager.  You can find this default by opening Configuration Manager and browsing to Customer -> Customer Options.  
  3. If the Ship To Tax Category default isn’t set in Configuration Manager, then Acctivate will select the first Tax Category in the Tax Categories list in alphabetical order.

In order for Acctivate to best select the proper Tax Category, we recommend the Tax Category be set on all Customer Ship Tos (see #1).  Also, it is recommended you set the Ship To Tax Category default in Configuration Manager (see #2).

Posted in Configuration, Customer, Sales - Last modified on August 3, 2015
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