Video: Importing Data

The information printed below replaces the handout mentioned in video.

Importing Data

The Import Data feature can be found on the menu item File > Import Data and allows customer, product and shipping information to be imported from a file. To create a new template for importing, select the Document Type > Create Mapping. The same basic steps are used for all Document Types.

Import Data — Mapping Editor

The Import Data Mapping Editor displays a preview of the spreadsheet you have selected.

  • Column headings will appear at the top.
  • Mapped columns will display in the preview screen.
    • The Columns tab displays the fields available for import.
    • The Product ID field is required for all imports of product information.
  • Required fields must be included during an import of new products. However, only the Product ID field required for product update imports.
Import — Data Editor

The Import Data — Data Editor displays those records that will not import.

  • The Errors box at the bottom of the screen will list the errors for each selected record.
  • By selecting the individual records, you can change the data to be imported on this screen or change the spreadsheet and re-import.
Import Data — Confirmation Screen

The Confirmation Screen allows you to review the statistics of the data you imported and if any rows fail to import, a spreadsheet can be retrieved with all those failed rows.

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