Cannot Change Product ID after Posting Receipt

Once a user has processed an Inventory Receipt for an item listed on a Purchase Order, Acctivate will not allow them to switch out the Product ID for a different one. They will receive a message similar to the one below:

Cannot change Product ID after posting an Inventory Receipt (Session 42, Transaction 1).

The message tells the user what Session this item was listed on, as well as the Transaction number. The user will be required to Undo all changes on the Purchase Order to move forward. If the bad Product ID was received in place of the correct item, you’ll need to follow the steps below to resolve:

  1. Add the Correct Product ID to the Purchase Order, as well as the Quantity Ordered
    Add correct Product to PO
  2. Save the Purchase Order
  3. Click Receive
  4. Add the bad Product ID to the Receipt session by manually typing the ID into a new line to reverse the original receipt. Acctivate will automatically pull in the newly added, correct Product ID to the session.
    Add bad Product ID to Receipt session
  5. Change the Received quantity to be the negative of what was originally received (e.g. you received 10 for the bad ID so make the quantity -10 on this session).
  6. Verify the correct Product ID is listed on the Receipt session with the proper Received quantity
  7. Post the Receipt
  8. Check the bad Product ID line as being complete on the Purchase Order. Notice the Received quantity is now 0 and the Outstanding quantity is now 10.
    Mark line as complete
  9. Create the PO Invoice when ready
Posted in Purchasing - Last modified on April 17, 2015
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