Invalid TLV Error Running Custom Report

Sometimes users can receive the error below when running custom reports:

Invalid TLV record. \\SERVER\ACCTivateData\CustomReports\Order.rpt
Application Module: Report, Subroutine: OpenReport, Source: Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer

When running a Windows operating system, applications will share files, such as dlls. If an application modifies the file, the dll can be re-registered under a this other application which can break the link for Crystal Viewer. To resolve this specific issue, follow the instructions below:

  1. On the server, right click on the Acctivate icon > Open File Location
  2. Open the ClientFiles folder
    Note: If ClientFiles does not exist or does not have the file listed below, download and run the Cumulative update on the server to add those files. Make sure you are on the same version as the one listed on the Downloads page before running the update. Support can also transfer this file over to you, if your version doesn’t match. Running the cumulative update may also resolve the issue after updating rather than running the file below manually.
  3. Run the Crystal11.exe file
  4. After re-installing the Crystal Viewer via the executable above, try the custom report in Acctivate again.
  5. If you still have issues, contact our Support team.
Posted in Reports - Last modified on May 7, 2015
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