Adding a new EDI Trading Partner with Acctivate

With the Acctivate EDI Manager addon module, users can send and receive various EDI documents for trading partners. Occasionally, it may be necessary to set up a new EDI Trading Partner. This article will describe the process step by step:

1. Contact our sales team to purchase a new EDI Trading Partner license

Before our support team can assist with setting up your new Trading Partner, you will need to add one to your Acctivate license. Our sales team can be reached during our normal weekday business hours (9:00 am – 5:00 pm central) at 817-870-1311.

2. Set up your EDI Trading Partner

Once the new Trading Partner has been added to your license, you will be able to add the Trading Partner in the EDI section of Configuration manager. Contact the Support team if you have any questions about the set up of your new Trading Partner.

3. Import an EDI document from your 3rd party EDI Provider for the new Trading Partner

Depending on which third party EDI solution you use (i.e. TrueCommerce, SPS Commerce, or B2B Gateway), this process may vary. Once the Trading Partner has been set up in Acctivate and your EDI provider, you will be able to send and receive EDI documents for that trading partner.

Test orders may contain information that does not perfectly match data in your Acctivate company file. Some additional configuration may be required by your third party EDI provider in order to properly reflect your Acctivate data.

Posted in EDI - Last modified on April 4, 2016
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