Duplicate Product Serial Numbers

It makes sense that a serial number could exist for more than one product at the same time, but what about an instance where a serial number exists more than once for the same product at the same time? Serial numbers can only exist with a quantity of 1 or 0 (or -1, if a product is sold into the negative). However, serial numbers are managed at the warehouse level, not the product level. Meaning that the 0, 1 and -1 quantity limitations exist for each warehouse, not the product as a whole. This means that it is possible for product ‘ABC’ to exists in ‘Warehouse D’ with serial number ‘123’ at the same time as product ‘ABC’  exists in ‘Warehouse F’ with Serial Number ‘123.’

Product ‘ABC’ showing quantity of 1 in Warehouse D and Warehouse F.

Serial tab of product ‘ABC’ showing serial number ‘123’ in Warehouse D
Serial tab of product ‘ABC’ showing serial number ‘123’ in Warehouse F.

Most Acctivate customers get serial numbers from the vendor and input them into Acctivate upon receiving the product into inventory, making any complications related to this irrelevant. However, some companies, especially those that have a manufacturing process for serial controlled products, can run into some confusing instances where they add a product with a serial number into one warehouse, then add that product again with the same serial number into a different warehouse. Acctivate will not prevent this user action, so please keep that in mind when planning your company’s product manufacturing processes.

If you run into any issues related to this that you are not able to resolve, please contact Acctivate Support for a resolution.


Posted in Inventory - Last modified on June 9, 2017
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