Set Printer Assignments with Acctivate Mobile WMS

If you want to set printer assignments for reports related to Acctivate Mobile WMS, you can do this by browsing to the main Mobile webpage on any web browser and browsing to SERVERNAME/ACCThandheld (where SERVERNAME is the name of the server) or if you’re on the server then can use “localhost/accthandheld”, then clicking on “Set Printer assignments for reports”.

printer assignements mobile 2

After clicking on that, the next page will prompt for a user name and password used for Acctivate. After logging in the next screen is where you can setup a report to use a specific printer. The drop down arrow for each report field will allow you to select which printers are available.

printer assignements mobile

Posted in Configuration, Mobile, Reports, Technology - Last modified on August 3, 2015
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