Creating a new Payment Method

Like the Vendor and Salesperson lists, payment methods are maintained in QuickBooks. Below is a quick guide that walks through how to add a new payment method into QuickBooks then sync this data into Acctivate.

  1. In QuickBooks, go to Lists > Item List to open the Item List windowitem list
  2. In the Item List window, click the drop down arrow in the Item menu, then click New.
    new item1
  3. Another window will open, allowing you to enter data for the new item. Click the Payment Method drop down list, then select “<Add New>”
    add new payment method
  4. This will open the New Payment Method window. Enter a name for your new payment method (i.e., Paypal), then select a payment type. When finished, click “OK”.
    new payment method
  5. Now that the new payment method has been created, you can create a new Payment item to associate with this payment method, or associate it with an existing Payment item.
  6. To use this payment method in Acctivate, run a sync with QuickBooks. If successful, the new payment method will appear in your payment method list in Configuration Manager:
    config payment method

Once the payment  method has been added in Configuration Manager, you can specify whether or not it should be a credit card. If this is enabled, users will need to enter a credit card number and expiration date when invoicing an order with this payment method.

Posted in QuickBooks and Sync - Last modified on July 6, 2015
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