Shopify Payment Information may be blank due to API changes

Due to recent changes made to Shopify’s API, some payment information may not be sent back to Acctivate. Shopify is deprecating some API functions by converting XML into JSON, which is causing the integration with Acctivate to no longer fully function. So far, the only changes made have been related to payment information, but we expect further API changes to be applied in the future. You can read more about these changes on Shopify’s website.

shopify changes

Since Acctivate can only integrate with shopping carts that have an XML-based API, we will be unable to read the new JSON data being sent from Shopify. At the moment, users can still import orders and export data back to Shopify, but the web store integration may break as future changes are made in Shopify. Because of this, some customers may want to consider changing their shopping cart application from Shopify to another supported web store.

Posted in Web Store Integration - Last modified on July 14, 2015
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