Report Catalog – Reorganize and Add New Reports

One of the many ways to configure information in Acctivate to meet your needs comes in the form of cataloging your reports. This is done in Configuration Manager where you can reorganize reports and add new ones.

This configuration is performed in the Configuration Manager > Reports > Report Catalog.

In the report catalog each module that a report can exist for is represented by a top-level folder, which can expand to reveal sub-folders that group reports together. The sub-folders can be further expanded to reveal actual reports.

*Folders can only be expanded if reports exist for the module.

The image below shows all the customer information folders available in the catalog. In this report catalog, CustomerInfo has three subfolders that group reports, in which the Aging subfolder has two reports.

Report Catalog

When a report is added to the report catalog it can be viewed in the system. For example, reports added to the Customer Info folder can be viewed in Customer > Customer Reports.

Customer Reports

The table below shows the modules in which reports can be created for and where in the system they can be found once the report is cataloged in the appropriate folder.

Selected Module Location in the system
CustomerInfo Customer > Customer Reports
Inventory Inventory > Inventory Reports
Issue Activities > Business Activity Reports
JobMgmt (for CYMA only) Job Management > Job Management Reports
OrderProcessing Sales > Sales Order Reports
Purchasing Purchasing > Purchasing Reports
Shipping Shipping > Shipping Reports

The report catalog has its own toolbar which allows for the following actions (*these same options are also available by right-clicking on a folder or report):

Toolbar Button Action
 add report folder Add Folder
delete report folder Delete Folder
add report Add Report
delete report Delete Report
copy Copy Report
folder_document Move Report
folder_out Export Report
folder_into Import Report

Adding a report to the catalog

  1. Click Edit while in the Report Catalog and select the appropriate top-level (module) folder.
    • If you have an existing report definition click the Import Report button and open the appropriate report definition file (.acctrpt), which will populate the Properties tab with the definition.
  2. If you need to add a folder that will group the report, click the Add Folder button. Otherwise, expand the top-level folder and select the appropriate sub-folder that the report will belong to.
  3. Select the appropriate sub-folder for the report and then click the Add Report button.
  4. Name the report and then in the Properties tab (to the right) define its properties.
    Report Property

Defining Selection Prompts for report selection criteria
For each report you can also select the type of criteria that will be filtered through by the user, in order to display certain information in a report.

This is configured in the Selection Prompts tab (as shown below) and will appear in the Report Selection Criteria window when the report is selected by a user.

report selection criteria

report selection criteria2

Organizing the report catalog

The Move Report, Delete Report, and Copy Report toolbar buttons can be used to organize reports within the catalog. Just select the report and click the appropriate button.

The Delete Folder button allows for organization by deleting any unnecessary sub-folders.

Detailed steps for using the report catalog and an explanation of the catalog can be found in the help files. Access the help files either by pressing the F1 key while in the report catalog or by viewing them online.


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