Drill down from Crystal Reports and Dashboard

Acctivate offers drill-down capabilities from Crystal Reports® windows for reports and the dashboard to related Acctivate windows.  Simply double-click on a data field that represents a window in Acctivate, such as Product ID, Customer, Order Number, etc.

The above example shows the InvoiceDetail.ProductID field on the Product by Customer (Detail) report.  Double-clicking on the Product ID will display the Product Information window for product C10.

NOTE: Only certain data fields are available for drill-down.  Formula fields and Group Name fields are not supported. Keep this in mind when creating custom reports.

The following lists of data fields are supported:

Report Data Field Window Opened
CustomerID, CustID, FullName Customer Information
OrderNumber Sales Order
PONumber Purchase Order
Invoice Number Invoice
Issue ID, Activity ID Business Activity
Shipment Number Shipment


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