Authorize a credit card

Starting in Acctivate 10, users can now authorize a credit card on a Sales Order prior to invoicing the Order and charging the Credit Card.  This allows users to validate the credit card and put a hold on the funds prior to actually invoicing the Sales Order.

  1. Before you can pre-authorize a credit card in Acctivate, you must first complete the setup of a supported credit card merchant in Configuration Manager.  See how to configure Acctivate to use either Authorize.Net or QuickBooks Merchant Services.
  2. After you have configured Acctivate to use a supported credit card processor, open an existing sales order in Acctivate in which you would like to authorize a credit card.
  3. On the Payments tab, select the payment type that corresponds with a credit card specific payment type.
  4. Enter in the necessary credit card payment information.  Notice, the ‘Authorize’ button now displays below the credit card fields.


  1. Select the Authorize button to start the authorization process.  Providing the credit card information and payment hold is successful, your credit card processor will capture the authorization.

Once you are ready to invoice the order, you will then have the option to charge the credit card on the Create Invoice window.  The credit card will be processed at that time, utilizing the previous credit card authorization.



Posted in Sales - Last modified on June 18, 2019
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