User posted Assembly with wrong quantity

Occasionally, you may have the need to correct an assembly session that has been posted for the wrong quantity.  Once an assembly session has been posted it is no longer available to edit.  When an assembly is posted you are removing the component quantity to assemble the finished good.


  • When posted assembly quantity is less than the desired quantity, correct via an Inventory Assembly session
    • Post an additional assembly session for the difference to bring your inventory level up to what you believe it should be.
  • When posted  assembly session is more than the desired quantity, correct via an Inventory Receipt session
    • Verify the warehouse matches the original assembly session. If there were multiple warehouses on the session, create new transactions to specify each new warehouse.
    • Post an inventory receipt with a negative quantity for the finished good and a positive quantity for the the component items to reverse the previous transaction.
    • Verify the Unit Cost for each item listed to ensure it’s an exact match of the original assembly session.




Posted in Inventory - Last modified on March 21, 2016
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