Correct assembly session after it has been posted

Occasionally, it may be necessary to correct a posted assembly session due to an input error by the user.  Once an assembly session has been posted it is no longer available for editing.  However, If the posted assembly quantity is less than the desired quantity, you may create an additional assembly session with the same lot number for the difference.

  • In this example a user has posted an assembly for “Less” than the amount that was desired.
  • Lot number 02032016 was posted with a quantity of 100.
  • After posting the assembly they notice they should have added a quantity of 1000.  CorrectAssemblies2
  • To correct this create a new assembly session for this product using the same lot number 02032016, with the quantity of 900 to complete the build. CorrectAssemblies1
  • Now, on the lots tab of the product you should see a received quantity of 1000 for Lot 02032016.  CorrectAssemblies3


Posted in Inventory - Last modified on February 3, 2016
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