Sales Price Rounding

Unlike the Cost related to a product, which can extend to several character places beyond the decimal, Pricing will always round to the second place past the decimal (because your Customer can’t pay a denomination less than a penny). The Total for that line will then be calculated based on the rounded price.

In the screenshot below, we can see that Cost related to a product doesn’t have to round to the penny. The receipt posted on 3/8/2016 for Button used a Unit Cost of $13.3167. 20 * 13.3167 = 266.334, since the last character is less than 5, the Cost is not rounded up.

3-8-2016 3-52-09 PM

In the next screenshot, we can see that the List Price for the Button product has been set to $13.3167.

3-8-2016 3-54-45 PM

In this last screenshot we can see that Button has been added to a Sales Order, and we can see that the List Price is used because the Pr Cd (Price Code) is set to “*” (see the Code List Help Article). Despite the List Price being set to $13.3167 for the Product, this price is rounded up to $13.32. The total Amount for the line is calculated based on the Ordered quantity * the rounded Price. 3 * 13.32 = $39.96.

3-8-2016 3-57-45 PM

Posted in Sales - Last modified on March 8, 2016
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