Create a Business Activity from a Web Form

Users of the Acctivate Business Activity Management module add-on can instantly turn web form submissions into business activities, so each can be managed and tracked inside Acctivate.

This can include any of the following forms:

  • Customer Service
  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
  • Sales Contact
  • Suggestion
  • Feedbacka
  • Information Request

After Acctivate is configured, your web form is developed and the web form engine (which posts web form information to Acctivate) is modified; visitors simply fill out the web form and submit. The information will instantly be available as a Business Activity in Acctivate.

  • No more copying and pasting information from contact form emails
  • Web contacts are well-organized with a date and time stamp.
  • Assign the new Business Activity to a specific user or leave it Unassigned for a group
  • For existing customers, the Activity can be linked to the customer record in Acctivate

Installation Guide and Sample Code

Acctivate users with the Business Activity Management module can connect a web form using our instructions.

Posted in Business Activity - Last modified on April 5, 2019Yana Amaratana
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