QuickBooks Synchronization Options

By default, the Acctivate synchronization will be set to run a Full Sync. The Full Synchronization includes all transactions within a 24 hours period since the last successful sync. To change this setting, you’ll need to click the Options + link on the Synchronize with QuickBooks window to see what’s available:

Sync Window

After clicking the Options + link, you’ll be able to change the synchronization to only do portions of the process:

Sync Options

Synchronization Options
Full Synchronization Synchronize all transactions within 24 hours of the last clean sync.
Chart of Accounts and Code Tables Cannot modify
Accounts Receivable
Customers and Invoices Synchronize customers and invoices within the specified time period
Customers Only synchronize customers without including invoices
None Do not synchronize Accounts Receivable transactions
Accounts Payable
Vendors and Invoices Synchronize vendors and invoices within the specified time period
Vendors Only synchronize vendors without including their invoices
None Do not synchronize Accounts Payable transactions
Synchronize changes since
Last Synchronization All transactions since the last successful sync. This may exclude any existing payments that were re-applied to existing invoices.
Closing Date Only transactions posted since the last closing date. This may exclude any transactions that were modified in a closed period.
First QB Use* All transactions in QuickBooks will be synchronized. This option should only be used if you have already ran a thorough synchronization and are still having problems. It will pull all records since you first created the Acctivate company in implementation. This option is best used when synchronizing with QuickBooks in Single User mode.

* Synchronizing Acctivate and Quickbooks using the setting to ‘Synchronize changes since First QB use‘ can result in an abnormally long sync that may take hours or even days to complete, depending on the size of the database.  It is suggested that you only use this option when asked to by an Acctivate Support representative.  

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