Invoice Fields for Email Templates

The following table lists the data fields that can be entered into the body of an Email Message Template to request specific customer Invoice information from the database. Use the message template field as shown in the table. These message template fields can be used when the email message template type is set to Invoice or All.

Database Field Message Template Field
Amt Paid {{AmtPaid}}
AR Account ID {{ARAccountID}}
Backorder Criteria {{BackorderCriteria}}
Balance {{Balance}}
Bank Id {{BankId}}
Bill To Address {{BillToAddress}}
Bill To Address 1 {{BillToAddress1}}
Bill To Address 2 {{BillToAddress2}}
Bill To Address 3 {{BillToAddress3}}
Bill To Address 4 {{BillToAddress4}}
Bill To City {{BillToCity}}
Bill To Country {{BillToCountry}}
Bill To Name {{BillToName}}
Bill To State {{BillToState}}
Bill To Zip {{BillToZip}}
Branch ID {{BranchID}}
Carrier {{Carrier}}
Carrier Service {{CarrierService}}
CC Authorization Code {{CCAuthorizationCode}}
CCAVS Street {{CCAVSStreet}}
CC Exp Date {{CCExpDate}}
CC Merchant Accountt Number {{CCMerchAcctNumber}}
CC Payment Grouping Code {{CCPaymentGroupingCode}}
CC Recon Batch ID {{CCReconBatchID}}
CC Status Code {{CCStatusCode}}
CC Status Message {{CCStatusMessage}}
CC Trans ID {{CCTransID}}
CC Txn Auth Stamp {{CCTxnAuthStamp}}
CC Txn Auth Time {{CCTxnAuthTime}}
Check No {{CheckNo}}
Class {{Class}}
Collection Days {{CollectionDays}}
Comment {{Comment}}
Company Address 1 {{CompanyAddress1}}
Company Address 2 {{CompanyAddress2}}
Company Address 3 {{CompanyAddress3}}
Company Addres s4 {{CompanyAddress4}}
Company City {{CompanyCity}}
Company Country {{CompanyCountry}}
Company Email {{CompanyEmail}}
Company Fax {{CompanyFax}}
Company Name {{CompanyName}}
Company Phone {{CompanyPhone}}
Company State {{CompanyState}}
Company Tax ID {{CompanyTaxID}}
Company Web Address {{CompanyWebAddress}}
Company ZIP {{CompanyZIP}}
Completed {{Completed}}
Contact Email Address {{ContactEMailAddress}}
Contact Fax {{ContactFAX}}
Contact Name {{ContactName}}
Contact Phone Number {{ContactPhoneNumber}}
Contract Date {{ContractDate}}
Contract ID {{ContractID}}
Created By {{CreatedBy}}
Created Date {{CreatedDate}}
Credit Approval Date {{CreditApprovalDate}}
Credit Approved By {{CreditApprovedBy}}
Currency Code {{CurrencyCode}}
Currency Name {{CurrencyName}}
Customer ID {{CustomerID}}
Customer Tax ID {{CustomerTaxID}}
Date Completed {{DateCompleted}}
Date Posted {{DatePosted}}
Date Printed {{DatePrinted}}
Delivered By {{DeliveredBy}}
Delivered To {{DeliveredTo}}
Delivery Date {{DeliveryDate}}
Delivery Miles {{DeliveryMiles}}
Discount Amount {{DiscountAmount}}
Discount Available {{DiscountAvailable}}
Discount Date {{DiscountDate}}
Discount Type {{DiscountType}}
Do Not Sync {{DoNotSync}}
Due Date {{DueDate}}
Entered By {{EnteredBy}}
Entry Date {{EntryDate}}
Exchange Rate {{ExchangeRate}}
Export Date {{ExportDate}}
Exported {{Exported}}
Foreign Amount Paid {{ForeignAmtPaid}}
Foreign Balance {{ForeignBalance}}
Foreign Discount Amount {{ForeignDiscountAmount}}
Foreign Discount Available {{ForeignDiscountAvailable}}
Foreign Payment Discount {{ForeignPaymentDiscount}}
Foreign Sales Tax {{ForeignSalesTax}}
Foreign Shipping Charge {{ForeignShippingCharge}}
Foreign Sub Total {{ForeignSubTotal}}
Foreign Total Amount {{ForeignTotalAmount}}
Foreign Total Shipping Charges {{ForeignTotalShippingCharges}}
From QB {{FromQB}}
Freight Tax Pct {{FrtTaxPct}}
Hold Released By {{HoldReleasedBy}}
Hold Released Date {{HoldReleasedDate}}
In Dispute {{InDispute}}
Invoice Date {{InvoiceDate}}
Invoice Detail Report ID {{InvoiceDetailReportID}}
Invoice Discount Account ID {{InvoiceDiscountAccountID}}
Invoice Discount Percent {{InvoiceDiscountPct}}
Invoice Format {{InvoiceFormat}}
Invoice Number {{InvoiceNumber}}
Invoice Number Sort {{InvoiceNumberSort}}
Invoice Report ID {{InvoiceReportID}}
Invoice Style {{InvoiceStyle}}
Invoice Text {{InvoiceText}}
Job ID {{JobID}}
Job Number {{JobNumber}}
Last Payment Date {{LastPaymentDate}}
Last Shipmen tDate {{LastShipmentDate}}
Location ID {{LocationID}}
Manual Hold {{ManualHold}}
Marketing Code {{MarketingCode}}
Method Of Payment {{MethodOfPayment}}
Note {{Note}}
Number Of Packages {{NumberOfPackages}}
Number Shipments {{NumberShipments}}
Order Date {{OrderDate}}
Order Number {{OrderNumber}}
Package Weight {{PackageWeight}}
Payment Discount {{PaymentDiscount}}
Payment Method {{PaymentMethod}}
PO {{PO}}
Posted To AR {{PostedToAR}}
Previous Amount {{PreviousAmount}}
Previous Retainage {{PreviousRetainage}}
Printed {{Printed}}
Ready To Print {{ReadyToPrint}}
Reference {{Reference}}
Reference 2 {{Reference2}}
Requested Ship Date {{RequestedShipDate}}
Retainage Amount {{RetainageAmount}}
Retainage Billed {{RetainageBilled}}
Retainage GL Account ID {{RetainageGLAccountID}}
Route {{Route}}
Routing {{Routing}}
Salesperson ID {{SalespersonID}}
Salesperson Name {{SalespersonName}}
Sales Tax {{SalesTax}}
Schedule Of Values Type {{ScheduleOfValuesType}}
Shipment Promised Date {{ShipmentPromisedDate}}
Shipping Charge {{ShippingCharge}}
Shipping Charge Account ID {{ShippingChargeAccountID}}
Shipping Instructions {{ShippingInstructions}}
Ship To Address {{ShipToAddress}}
Ship To Address 1 {{ShipToAddress1}}
Ship To Address 2 {{ShipToAddress2}}
Ship To Addres s3 {{ShipToAddress3}}
Ship To Addres s4 {{ShipToAddress4}}
Ship To Attn {{ShipToAttn}}
Ship To City {{ShipToCity}}
Ship To Country {{ShipToCountry}}
Ship To Override {{ShipToOverride}}
Ship To Phone Number {{ShipToPhoneNumber}}
Ship To State {{ShipToState}}
Ship To Zip {{ShipToZip}}
Ship Via {{ShipVia}}
Special Instructions {{SpecialInstructions}}
Stop Number {{StopNumber}}
Sub Total {{SubTotal}}
Taxable {{Taxable}}
Tax Code {{TaxCode}}
Tax Code Description {{TaxCodeDescription}}
Tax ID {{TaxID}}
Tax Included {{TaxIncluded}}
Tax Pct {{TaxPct}}
Terms Code {{TermsCode}}
Terms Description {{TermsDescription}}
Total Amount {{TotalAmount}}
Total Shipping Charges {{TotalShippingCharges}}
Tracking Number {{TrackingNumber}}
Transaction Period {{TransactionPeriod}}
Transaction Year {{TransactionYear}}
Txn ID {{TxnID}}
Type {{Type}}
Updated By {{UpdatedBy}}
Updated Date {{UpdatedDate}}
User Email {{UserEmail}}
User Email Signature {{UserEmailSignature}}
User ID {{UserID}}
User Message Adr {{UserMessageAdr}}
User Name {{UserName}}


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