Prompt to update open transactions after changing Product ID

Acctivate 10.1 includes a new enhancement which will prompt a user to update the Product ID on un-posted transactions, if the Product ID is changed.

Acctivate has always allowed users to modify the Product ID of an existing product to be something different. The new Product ID would be used on all NEW transactions for that Product. However, in past versions of Acctivate, the Product ID would NOT update any un-posted transactions (Sales Orders, Purchase Orders etc). Now, when the Product ID is changed and the user selects to Save, they will see a prompt asking if the user wishes to “Update open transactions with new product id?” Selecting Yes will update the Product ID on all un-posted transactions to use the modified Product ID instead of the ID used at the time the product was added to the transaction.

5-20-2016 2-49-28 PM

Posted in Inventory - Last modified on June 18, 2019
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