Required Data for AvaTax Calculations

Acctivate users that have enabled the Avalara module and are using the AvaTax service to calculate sales tax, questions may arise regarding the fields and the data necessary for AvaTax to calculate tax properly.  When creating new Sales Orders or modifying the Sales Order line items, the Order Amount, the BillTo or ShipTo addresses, Acctivate will submit the Order to AvaTax to have the tax calculated for AVATAX coded Sale Orders.


Here is the list of the fields sent to Avalara for these tax calculations:

Order Information:

  • Sales Order Number
  • Document Type (Quote, Order, Invoice)
  • Sales Order Date
  • Order Bill To Address
  • Ship To (Order ShipTo) Address
  • Ship From (Warehouse Address and ID)
  • Customer Exemption Code (Entity Use Code)
  • Order Discount Amount
  • PO Number
  • Exchange Rate
  • Exchange Rate Effective Date

Sales Order Line information

  • Origin Code (WarehouseID)
  • Destination Code (ShipToLocationID)
  • Item Code (ProductID)
  • Tax Code (Product Class)
  • Quantity
  • Amount
  • Description
  • Taxable

There are a number of other considerations in which Avalara uses to calculate Sales Tax.  An example of this is the Company address, which is configured in the Avatax Admin Console.  Please review our guides on configuring Acctivate to use AvaTax sales tax service.

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