FedEx Shipping Workstation Installation for EDI/Packaging Manager

This configuration is for EDI/Packaging Manager setup of the FedEx Ship Manager ONLY.

The following setup procedure is to set-up FedEx Ship Manager to work with the Acctivate EDI/Packaging Manager module.

If you have not purchased this module please refer to the FedEx Shipping Workstation Installation for Non EDI/Packaging Manager setup.  Regardless of your configuration the setup typically can be completed in less than one hour.

1.   First, make certain that you have completed the ODBC setup (This must be completed before you begin the FedEx integration process.)

2.   Next, you must be logged into your shipping workstation, launch the FedEx Ship Manager software.


3.   From the top drop-down menu, click Integration > FedEx Integration Assistant. (If this is selection is grayed out and not available you must contact FedEx) FedEx1

4.   The FedEx Integration Assistant window will open outside of FedEx Ship Manager.

Please note that the Integration Assistant window is organized in a tab format.

Click the Continue button located near the bottom of the screen


5.   The next screen will be the Welcome > Before You Begin (tab) screen.

Read this page and then click Continue.

6.   On the Begin > Create window, select the Create a New Profile radio button.

Create FedEx

7.   On the Begin > Integration Type window select the option for Both Import and ExportFedEx4

Click Continue.

8.   On the Import > Source window, click the ODBC radio button

In the Data Source name sub-box and select the ACCTivate DSN name. (This is the DSN company name that you just created)


Click Continue.

9.   You will then receive a pop-up “error message” select the “Login” button.


Then enter the user name: sa

Password: (Contact support if you need assistance)


(if you originally installed Acctivate 6.3 or later)

The password may have been changed during the installation or configuration of SQL Server. If these settings do not work, please contact your database or network administrator to gain access to this database.

Click the OK button.

10. You will automatically be moved to the Import > Shipping window.


Select Single Edit (furthest right option) on the horizontal image/radio button.  Click Continue.

11. Next, you will see the Import > Lookup window. Click the After I enter a Lookup Value radio button (default). Click Continue.


12. The Import > Information window is next. Select the All Fields link from the bottom of the list. A small pop-up window with a header reading All Fields will appear. FedEx9

The following boxes should be checked in this window.

Section Check Box
 Recipient Address Address 1
Address 2
 Contact Name
Postal Code
 Package Miscellaneous Customer Reference
PO Number
Service Type
Special Services Ship Alert Recipient Email

Click OK when you are finished, then click Continue.

If you are NOT using the Acctivate Add-on module for Package Manager or EDI Manager, please refer to the Non EDI Shipping Workstation Interface Installation Guide.

13. The next tab is the Import > Match section.  This window allows you to match FedEx Ship Manager fields to fields in your data source.

This is the most critical step in the “mapping” or “matching” process, as you connect these fields together. (your screen may differ slightly)


You will use the ‘ShipmentSummary‘, ‘ShipmentPack‘ and ‘Orders‘ to map the following fields.

Switch the table by selecting it from TABLE dropdown.

Then Drag the Acctivate field  into the blank space beside the FedEx field to map them:

For QuickBooks users:

 Section Acctivate Table Acctivate Field FedEx Field Default
Recipient: Address ShipmentSummary ShipToAddress2 Address 1
ShipmentSummary ShipToAddress3 Address 2
ShipmentSummary ShipToCity City
ShipmentSummary ShipToAddress1 Company
ShipmentSummary ContactName Contact Name
ShipmentSummary ShipToCountry Country ‘US – United States’
ShipmentSummary ContactPhoneNumber Phone
ShipmentSummary ShipToZip Postal Code
ShipmentSummary ShipToState State/Province
Package:  Misc ShipmentPack PackageID Customer Reference
ShipmentSummary PackagingCode Package Type
ShipmentPack PO PO Number
ShipmentSummary CarrierService Service Type
ShipmentSummary ShipmentNumber Shipment ID
ShipmentPack Weight Weight 1 *
Special Services:  Ship Alert Orders ContactEmailAddress Recipient Email  (OPTIONAL)

For CYMA users:

  Acctivate Field FedEx Field Default
Recipient: Address ShipToAddress1 Address 1
ShipToAddress2 Address 2
ShipToCity City
ShipToDescription Company
ContactName Contact Name
ShipToCountry Country ‘US – United States’
ContactPhoneNumber Phone
ShipToZip Postal Code
ShipToState State/Province
Package:  Misc OrderNumber Customer Reference
CarrierService Service Type
PackagedWeight Weight 1*
Special Services:  Ship Alert ContactEmailAddress Recipient Email

* There is a known issue in FedEx with saving the defaults for Carrier Service, Package Type and Bill To if you do not have a default value for Weight also mapped.

14. Once you have matched all the fields, remain in the Import > Match window and click the Select Index button near the bottom.


15. The Primary Index window will pop-up.


Click to map GUIDShipment and  GUIDShipment from ShipmentSummary to ShipmentPack  (*PLEASE NOTE: You may be required to map ShipmentNumber to ShipmentNumber, due to a known bug in the FedEx Software not allowing GUIDShipment to be linked with GUIDShipment)

Click to map GUIDOrder and GUIDOrder from Orders to ShipmentPack

Click to map ShipmentNumber from ShipmentSummary and Lookup Dialog Box  (lines will appear, signifying that they have been mapped together).

Click OK.

Click Continue.

16. The Import > Conversion window will automatically open. Nothing needs to be done in this window. Click Continue.


Configuring FedEx Ship Manager to Export data to Acctivate

1.   The Export > Destination window will be displayed next. Scroll down and select the ACCTivate DSN company name that you created and used in the first procedure. Click Continue.


2.   The Export > Method window is displayed next.

Under the question, “When do you want to export to your data source?” select Each time a shipment is completed. Check the option to ‘Also Export each time a package is deleted’. Under the second question, “How do you want to update your data source?” select Insert a new record.


Click Continue.

3.   The next window is the Export > Information window. Select the All Fields link from the bottom of the list. A small pop-up window with a header reading All Fields will appear.


The following boxes should be checked off in this window.

 Section  Check Box
Tracking Number Tracking Number
Charges – Customer Rate Net Charge
Package – Miscellaneous Customer Reference
Declared Value
Service Type
Ship Date
Bill Transportation To
Recipient – Miscellaneous Account Number

Click OK when you are finished, then click Continue.

4.   The next window is the Export > Match window. This window allows you to match the export fields from FedEx Ship Manager fields to fields in your data source. Select ‘tbOrderPackagesText’ from the TABLE dropdown.


You will receive a popup asking you to set all unselected tables as: tbOrderPackagesText. Click YES.

Then Drag the Acctivate field  into the blank space beside the FedEx field to map them:

  Acctivate Field FedEx Field
Tracking Number TrackingNumber Tracking Number
Charges – Customer Rates ShippingCharge Net Charge
Package – Miscellaneous PackageID Customer Reference
DeclaredValue Declared Value
CarrierService Service Type
ShipmentDate Ship Date
Weight Weight
Recipient – Miscellaneous AccountNumber Account Number

If you receive the pop-up message when mapping order number to PO Number, ignore it. It is only for informational purposes and will not affect your mapping. fp12-35.   Once the mapping has been completed click Continue.

6.   The Export > Conversion window will automatically open. Nothing needs to be done in this window. Click Continue.

7.   The Finish > Summary window will open next.

This page will show you the selections that you have made in your matching process.

Under the export summary section, review all of the information to make certain that the export matches have the table set to tbOrderPackagesText.

After you have thoroughly reviewed this page, click Continue.

8.   The Finish > Instructions window is next.

Click Finish.

9.   A window will pop-up reading “Would you like to save the changes…

Click Yes.fp13-3

10. Another window will pop-up reading “Enter the name of your integration profile…

Type ACCTivate fp13-4

Make certain that there is no punctuation in the above name. Click Save.

11. The FedEx Integration Assistant will close automatically.


In Acctivate Configuration Manager, verify the Carrier Service Setup

Before using the FedEx Ship Manager and Acctivate to perform a shipment, you mush define the FedEx carrier services inside of Acctivate.

1.   To do this, an authorized user must add these carrier services in the Acctivate Configuration Manager

(File > Configuration Manager).

If you are using an older version of FedEx (prior V10.6.1)


For newer versions of FedEx (v10.6.1 or higher from the FedEx Ship Manager Guide)



If FedEx is not already defined as a carrier then double-click the Sales Order folder and select Carrier.

The Carrier section of the Configuration Management window will open.

2.   Click the Edit button and enter FedEx as a Carrier. Make certain to check the Active box.

Click the Save button.

3.   Next, open the Carrier Service section of the Configuration Management window.

Click the Edit button and add the carrier services (in the table below.).


Note: Make certain that FedEx is selected in the Carrier column and that the Active box is checked.

The new carrier services will appear in the Service type field of Ship Manager (as shown to the below).


Before importing sales orders into the Ship Manager these need to be saved with the new carrier service codes.

Daily Use

1.   Open FedEx Ship Manager.

On the top drop-down menu click Integration > Acctivate.


2.   Click the Clear Fields button in the lower-left corner of the screen.

3.   A small window reading Lookup Value will appear.fp15-2

Enter the Acctivate Shipment number. Click OK.

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