Posting Invoice Automatically Changes Workflow Status

Starting in Acctivate version 10.2, the workflow status will be changed automatically on a Sales Order when an Invoice is released from that order. This article will cover the process of how the workflow status is changed, and how to set this function to be blank instead, if desired.

When an Invoice is released in Acctivate, the workflow status will change to whatever the Packaging (or ‘K’) workflow status is automatically (see our Configure Workflow Status Options article).

In the screenshot below, notice that the workflow status is set to Picked (it does not matter what the workflow status is set to before invoicing, if it’s set at all).


The screenshot below shows that same order after posting an invoice (it does not matter if the invoice Completes the order or not, the workflow status will still change after posting the invoice). Notice that the workflow status is changed to “Packaging.”


This can be changed to a blank workflow status in Configuration Manager. To make this change, open Configuration Manager > Sales Orders > Order Options and either set the Invoice Created workflow status to Packaging (whatever the ‘K’ workflow status is), or set the option to Blank so that the Packaging status is not used.


Posted in Sales - Last modified on June 4, 2019
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