Orders View Shows Most Recent Tracking Number

Starting in Acctivate version 10.2, the Orders View (used for reporting and email templates) will show the most recent tracking number related to a Sales Order.

Sometimes in Acctivate, an order may contain multiple different packages, each of which may have a unique tracking number. Before Acctivate version 10.2, Acctivate didn’t know which tracking number should be used, so it was not included in the view. Now, Acctivate will show the most recent tracking number related to the order in the view.

In the screenshot below, notice that the order has 2 package records, each with a different tracking number and different dates.


Since the tracking number on the bottom has a more recent date, that tracking number would be used for reports or email templates. For example, an Invoice type email template could be set up to reference the tracking number on the order (see our email template help article). This means that whatever tracking number is related to that invoice will now show in the email.

Posted in Sales - Last modified on October 28, 2016
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