Setting up EDI Transactions for Acctivate with SPS Commerce

If you are working with SPS Commerce, the process for getting the EDI Transactions into Acctivate requires a user to import in the Transaction files through FTP. This guide assumes that SPS has created test files for the partners and has given you a login for their FTP site and you are license for these trading partners in Acctivate. Once you have that information the next step is to retrieve one of the files from their site for testing. If you’ve already done the initial setup, proceed click here to get a general workflow with the FTP setup.

  1. Download EDIWinSCP
  2. Extract the contents into the server machine directory C:\ProgramData\Alterity\Acctivate\. This will create an EDI Folder with the Import and Export directories. The full path should look like C:\ProgramData\Alterity\Acctivate\EDI\Import and C:\ProgramData\Alterity\Acctivate\EDI\Export
  3. Go to the Scripts folder (C:\ProgramData\Alterity\Acctivate\EDI\Scripts) > click on “Receive EDI.txt” > Then enter in the User name given by SPS on line 1 and the password on line 2 then Save. NOTE: If a multiple users are going to process EDI transactions with SPS, then you will have to setup a Network drive like “Z:\” that relates to the path “C:\ProgramData\Alterity\Acctivate\EDI\”. Then in the Scripts/Receive EDI.cmd file, change the first line to the Network Drive letter. Example ftp -i -n -s:”Z:\Receive EDI.txt”
  4. Once that’s setup, it’s recommended to create a shortcut to the users desktop for “Receive EDI.cmd” and “Send EDI.cmd”.
  5. Once that’s entered in, double click on the “Recieve EDI.txt”. This will bring up a command prompt window and bring in all the files from SPS.
  6. Browse to C:\Users\Daniel\Downloads\EDI\Import and right click one of the files > open with>then choose a Text editor (notepad is sufficient).
  7. SPS defines their trading partners with a code. In this screenshot, the code here is “A123TestCompany”. This code is what needs to be placed in the Acctivate setup for that trading partner.sps-partnerid
  8. Once you have the code, we will have to setup the trading partner in Acctivate. In Acctivate go to File > Configuration Manager > EDI > Trading Partners > click NEW> In the partner ID field enter in the code from the file.sps-trading-partner-acctivate
  9.  At this point, Assign the customer, add the transaction files at the bottom (Adding and setting up partners here:
  10. Under the Customer Purchase Order tab, Ensure the MailBoxPath = ‘ C:\ProgramData\Alterity\Acctivate\EDI\Import’  and the file extension relates to that trading partner file. Generally, this will be the first view characters of the file and defined on the file itself. In this example, the File Extension will be “A123” for this
  11. Click on the Customer Invoice tab and set the MailBox Path = ‘ C:\ProgramData\Alterity\Acctivate\EDI\Export’.
  12. Click the SAVE button on the top left window.

From here the next step is a general process for Retrieving the order into Acctivate, and Sending the invoice back to the partner. You can set this up per user as well. Click here for more on the process.


Posted in EDI - Last modified on June 20, 2019
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