Retrieving and Sending EDI Transactions with SPS Commerce

This guide assumes the setup of SPS with Acctivate has been completed. In order for the user to get the files into Acctivate and send the files back to SPS, follow these steps.

  1. First click the “RECEIVE EDI” shortcut on your desktop. This will retrieve the files from SPS and place it in a import folder.
  2. Once the files are imported in Successfully, go into Acctivate and click on EDI  > Process EDI. This will look at the import folder and display the Purchase Orders by trading partner.
  3. Click on PROCESS button on the bottom right hand corner of the window.
  4. After process is pressed, this will bring in the orders into Acctivate. From here you can, pick/pack, create the shipment etc.
  5. Once the Order is ready to be fulfilled, click CREATE Invoice or go through the prepare invoices window.
  6. Once the invoices are created, click EDI > Process EDI.
  7. The Customer Invoices section will look for all invoices that have not been exported yet. Click PROCESS to export the 810 (customer invoice) from Acctivate into the Export folder.
  8. After that’s completed, click on the SEND EDI shortcut on the desktop to send the Customer invoice back to SPS for processing.

The difference in the process with SPS Commerce is utilizing the RECEIVE EDI shortcut and the SEND EDI shortcut. Ensure this happens first and last respectively.

Posted in EDI - Last modified on November 9, 2016
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