Order Manager Quick Filters Are Not Saved

The main purpose for the Quick Filter is to give you the option to quickly sort your standard views to give you specific data that you may need at that moment. When using the Quick Filter feature in Order Manager, it is important to understand that these filters created on the fly will not be saved in the Order Manager if you close the window or log out of Acctivate.

For example, we have set up a filter to sort open orders with an order date of 11/7/2016 here:


This filter will last as long as the Order Manager window is open, and even if we switch between views by clicking the buttons along the header. However, if we were to close the window here or log out of Acctivate:


The filter is removed and the default settings are restored. If you’d like for a filter to persist between logins, consider creating a new button with the filter information.

Posted in Order Manager - Last modified on May 29, 2019
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