Connecting to a mobile device using MyMobiler

You can remote into a mobile device or scanner using a tool called MyMobiler. It’s very similar to remote desktop however it requires a USB connection either through the charging dock or directly from the device.

  1. Ensure the windows mobile device is hooked up to the workstation machine by using the charging dock. They will have a USB connection on the back of the charging dock. If not, check to see if the mobile device itself has a micro USB connector. Once located plug the USB to the workstation.
  2. Windows mobile device center may run to verify and setup the mobile device for first time use. If not, then Windows Mobile Device center will need to be installed to proceed. The installation can be found here for a 64-bit OS and here for a 32-bit OS.
  3. Once Windows device center verifies the mobile device, you will be prompted to sync contacts, email etc. Uncheck all and proceed to the next screen. You should see CONNECTED on the bottom left hand corner.
  4. Click on the Mobile Device settings > Connection Settings > Allow connections through USB and Allow data Connections on the device when connected to PC.
  5. Download and install MyMobiler for windows through the following link.
  6. Once downloaded, run MyMobiler.exe from the installation directory. It will prompt on the tray “Connected”.
  7. Double click on the mobile icon on tray, and choose Open Mobiler.

Once the mobiler is open, you should see the main home screen of the mobile device.

Posted in Mobile - Last modified on November 12, 2019
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