Enter a Price Check (Quick Quote)

Price Check Video ImageThe Price Check (also called Quick Quote in legacy versions of Acctivate) window is designed to simply help you to look up an item, check that it’s in stock, and tell a customer how much it would cost for an entered quantity. Price checks are designed to be quick, simple and efficient. These are not saved and have no effect on inventory.

There are 2 ways to open the Price Check window:

  1. Select Sales > Price Check on the menu bar
    Price Check
  2. Click the Price Check icon on the Icon Bar
    Price Check Icon

Entering a Price Check

  1. Click the Lookup button, next to the Customer ID field to locate and select a customer or manually type the Customer ID and tab out of the field. If needed, you can click View Customer to open the Customer Information window.
    Price Check Customer
  2. If the customer has a Contract setup, you can select it from the Contract drop down.
    Price Check Contract
  3. The Price Code, Invoice Discount % and Terms fields will display the standards for this customer.
  4. Click in the Product ID field and either lookup the item or manually type the Product ID and tab out of the field.
    Price Check Product
  5. Click in the Wh field to select the proper Warehouse. This menu displays item availability at all warehouse locations. If you selected the Product ID from the lookup with a warehouse already specified, the warehouse will default based on said selection.
    Price Check WHS
  6. Enter the quoted Quantity
  7. The Price Code will default to the pre-defined value for that customer. If you wish to change the Price Code, click in the Pr Cd field to open the Choose Price window. Select the proper price code for this customer from the list.
    Choose Price
  8. Multiple products may be selected and quoted on the same Price Check screen.
  9. When finished, close the window. This cannot be saved in the database.
Posted in Sales - Last modified on March 11, 2019
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