Resolving the “Acctivate was not able to update all data…” error

Following the process of updating Acctivate on the server, users may encounter an error along the lines of

Acctivate was not able to update all data. Please check Acctivate log for error message. 

Typically, this error appears upon logging into Acctivate on either the server or connected workstations. This error can present itself if the update was unable to finish for some reason or if the update file used was somehow corrupted. To resolve this error, simply download the cumulative update for Acctivate from the Downloads page and run it on the server.

This will ensure that all files are properly added, replaced, or repaired. If you still experience issues following the cumulative update, please contact a support representative here.

Posted in Installation - Last modified on January 29, 2019
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