Multi Level Assembly Process

The Assembly Process brings together a group of individual components, combining them to build a new product.  This new product can then either be sold ‘as is’ to a customer or be used as a component of another assembly.  Assembly products used a component of another assembly is referred to as a sub assembly.  Depending on the nature of the build you may have one or more sub assemblies.  Posting will reduce inventory for components and increase inventory for the posted assembly.

Sub Assemblies can be posted as a Regular Assembly (Single Session with Single Transaction) or as a Nested Assembly (Single Session with Multiple transactions). Please refer to the article on Inventory Session vs Transaction to understand the difference.

Multi Level are assemblies typically rely on the previous transaction to ensure enough quantity on hand of any sub assembly components.

  • Transaction 1 – components combined for level 1 assembly
  • Transaction 2 – level 1 assembly combined with other components for level 2 assembly
  • Transaction 3 – level 2 assembly combined with other components for level 3 assembly
  • Transaction 4 – level 3 assembly combined with other components for level 4 assembly
  • Transaction 5 – level 4 assembly combined with other components for level 5 assembly

Assuming Transaction 5 is the finished product now ready to stock the item or sell the assembly product to a customer.

Refer to Bill of Materials Options for Manufacturing for help with BOMs.

For additional questions or assistance please Contact Acctivate Support.

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