Delete Warehouse from a Product

Occasionally, you may want to remove a warehouse on a product.  This does not remove any historical transactions, or delete the warehouse from the database.  Removing the warehouse from a product hides the warehouse only for the product you are editing.

  • First, quantity on hand for the warehouse in question must be zero.
    1. If the warehouse you want to remove has quantity, you must Adjust the Inventory  or complete an Inventory Transfer to move it to another warehouse.
  • After, quantity on hand and value for the warehouse you intend to remove is set to zero.
    1. Click Edit
    2. Highlight the warehouse to be removed
    3. Press the delete key on your keyboard
    4. You will receive a notification that you are about to remove a warehouse from the product, click Yes.

If you need to Discontinue a Warehouse in Acctivate please refer to this help article how to Deactivate a Warehouse.

Posted in Database, Inventory - Last modified on May 23, 2019
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