Split Assembly Transaction

The Split Assembly function in Acctivate allows you to post partial assemblies.  This allows you to post part of an assembly before another part while also linking the two transactions.

When you find an assembly transaction that you need to split, simply select the Split Transaction button at the top of the session window.

In my example, I have created an assembly transaction for product T1024 and I want to make 15 of this product. 

Once the Split Transaction button is selected, a prompt will appear for you to select how many of the assembly product will be placed into the new assembly transaction. You will enter the Split Off Quantity (in red) and the Remaining Quantity (in green) will be calculated from that selection.

In my example, I have stated that I want to split 8 of the items off onto a new assembly transaction.

Acctivate will then create a new assembly transaction for the Split Off Quantity and update your original session to reflect the Remaining Quantity. You can then post each session separately.

The original session, 122, in my example, now has a quantity of 7 for the final product. Acctivate created a new session, 123, to show the Split Off Quantity of 8. The new session, 123, also has a new field on it called Parent Work Order. This shows me what assembly transaction I split this one from. I can then post each session separately. 



Posted in Inventory - Last modified on May 22, 2019
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