Duplicate Alternate Product IDs

Starting in Acctivate version 10.3, a single Product record can have unlimited Alternate Product IDs. Acctivate will allow multiple products to have the same Alternate Product ID. This article will show how to select which product should be used if multiple products have the same Alternate ID.

In the screenshot below, notice that the Alternate Product ID “1-88762-A” is related to both product B18 as well as B10.

When manually adding a product to an order, Acctivate will allow you to enter the Alternate Product ID of a given product on the order. In the screenshot below, “1-88762-A” was manually entered into the Product ID field of an order. Since that Alternate Product ID is used by both B18 as well as B10, a Choose Product window will populate showing the Acctivate ProductID, Description, Product Class ID and UPC for all products which use that Alternate Product ID. This way, you can choose which product using that Alternate ID should be selected for the order.

If an order is created from a web store sync, Acctivate will select the product which uses an Alternate Product ID related to that web store template. For more information on relating an Alternate Product ID to a specific web store template, see this help article. When a web store order is imported into Acctivate, it will look for the product record in Acctivate in the following order; First, Alternate Product ID specifically related to that web store template, then the normal Acctivate Product ID, then Alternate Product IDs unrelated to that web store template, then UPC and finally Customer Product ID for the Customer on that order.


Posted in Inventory - Last modified on June 19, 2018
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