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In Acctivate, each product is required to have a Product Class. The Product Class is typically the main way you will categorize your products and should not be confused with QuickBooks Class Tracking.  The Acctivate Product Class is available as a drop down filter on the product search window and most of the standard reports filter on Product Class.  Product Class is most commonly linked to your Income (Sales) and Cost of Goods Sold accounts.

Before a Product Class can be utilized on the product window or imports, you must first add them to the Product Class list in Configuration Management. This can be done individually or with a Product Class Import.

To manage your Product Class in Configuration Manager:

  1. File > Configuration Management
  2. Expand the Inventory folder
  3. Select Product Class
  4. Click the Edit Button
  5. Add new Product Class ID in the new line at the bottom with an * (8 characters).
  6. Add new Description (appears in the drop down for Product Class on Product window)
  7. If you’re tracking Sales/COGS via Product Class, select the appropriate Sales GL Acct and COGS GL Acct
  8. Place check mark in the Active box
  9. Save

Now you will be able to utilize the new Product Class(es) on the Product window or import.

Posted in Configuration - Last modified on June 14, 2018Lauren Stine
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