Print or Email a Pack List

There are two sections in Acctivate where you print or email a Pack List:

  1. Order Manager
  2. Sales Order Window

Printing and Emailing from Order Manager

  1. Open Order Manager via the Sales menu or the Icon Bar
  2. Select orders with scheduled quantities (green or yellow symbols)
  3. Action > Print Sales Pack Lists > Select specific shipping form to print
    • To email, choose Email Sales Pack Lists and select the form you wish to email
  4. A preview of the pack lists will open on screen based on the orders selected
    • When emailing, the email window will populate for the user to select an email template to utilize. A PDF copy of each pack list will be attached to an email to be sent to your branch email address (one email per pack list).
  5. Print the forms when ready

Printing and Emailing from Sales Order Window

  1. Open the Sales Order window via the Sales menu or Icon Bar
  2. Manually type the order number followed by the Tab key or use the lookup window to find the one you need to print
  3. Click the drop down arrow next to the shipping document icon
  4. Choose Print Pack List or Print Pack List with Components. The forms “with components” in the name show Kit components only.
    • To email, choose Email Pack List or Email Pack List with Components depending on your need. The email address will default to the Branch email address for these forms.
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