Exporting Reports From Acctivate

A new version of the Crystal Reports viewer is included with Acctivate, starting in version 10.3. Due to the changes in the Crystal Reports viewer, the Export functions for reports work differently than in previous versions. This article will explain how reports can be exported from Acctivate starting in version 10.3.

The screenshot below shows the Stock On Hand report in Acctivate. This is the Acctivate Report Preview window where users are able to view the report before printing. The Stock On Hand report is just an example, the functions for exporting reports from the Report Preview window will be the same for any report.

From this Report Preview window, users will have the option to either Export the report to a specified format, where the report will be saved in a specified location and file type, or to Open the report in a specified application so that it can be viewed in that application immediately.

As indicated in this next screenshot, clicking the Export option will populate the Export Report window. Here, a user can define the location where the file should be saved, the name of the file the report will be exported to, and the type of file which the report will be exported as.

This last screenshot shows the Open option for exporting a report from Acctivate. Click Open and a drop down will appear where the user can choose what kind of application the report should be opened in. While the Open option will only create a temporary file where the user can view the report, the user would have the option to save that file in the specified application, if they so choose.

Posted in Reports - Last modified on June 15, 2018
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